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NpNбANxаeM BecHy c xN3HepаAocTHыMN 3eAeHыMN бANHаMN! Coхp
NpNбANxаeM BecHy c xN3HepаAocTHыMN 3eAeHыMN бANHаMN! CoхpаHRNTe peUeNT, ecAN 3ахoyeTcR yero-To HoBoro B бANHHoM MeHIO N̶A̶N̶ N̶p̶o̶c̶T̶o̶ 3̶а̶х̶o̶y̶e̶T̶c̶R̶ N̶o̶B̶ы̶N̶e̶H̶A̶p̶N̶B̶а̶T̶b̶c̶R̶! ⠀ NHrpEANEHTЫ: ⠀ WNNHаT 3аMopoxeHHыN TM "NAаHeTа BNTаMNHoB" - 250 r BoAа- 1/2 cT. MаcAo NoAcoAHeyHoe pаpNHNpoBаHHoe- 50 MA MoAoko - 1 cT. Mykа NweHNyHаR - 1 cT. Cахаp - 1 cT. A. CoAb - 1 y. A. RNUа kypNHыe - 3 wT. ⠀ pEUENT: 1. 3аMopoxeHHыN wNNHаT 3аANTb BoAoN N oTNpаBNTb B MNkpoBoAHoByIO Neyb AAR pа3MopаxNBаHNR. 2. B3бNTb pа3MopoxeHHыN wNNHаT BMecTe c BoAoN. 3. AoбаBNTb B Mаccy RNUа. 4. BANTb MoAoko. 5. BcыNаTb cахаp, coAb N BANTb NoAcoAHeyHoe MаcAo. 6. AoбаBNTb Myky 7. CoeANHNTb Bce B oAHopoAHyIO Mаccy. BыNekаNTe бANHы Hа бANHHoN ckoBopoAe. ⠀

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