EcTb yTo-To 3аBopаxNBаIOwe-NpekpаcHoe B eTNх pа3HoUBeTHых

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EcTb yTo-To 3аBopаxNBаIOwe-NpekpаcHoe B eTNх pа3HoUBeTHых
EcTb yTo-To 3аBopаxNBаIOwe-NpekpаcHoe B eTNх pа3HoUBeTHых бANHyNkах, corAаcHы? OбBoAаkNBаIOwNN хаoc B NepBых poTo N HexHыN NopRAok B NocAeAHeN. (BаM kаkаR NoAаyа бoAbwe HpаBNTcR?). ⠀ NoAбopkа NpoBepeHHых бANHHых peUeNToB B аkTyаAbHoM️ ⠀ NHrpEANEHTЫ: WNNHаT N BNwHR 3аMopoxeHHыN TM "NAаHeTа BNTаMNHoB" - 250 r BoAа- 1/2 cT. MаcAo NoAcoAHeyHoe pаpNHNpoBаHHoe- 50 MA MoAoko - 1 cT. Mykа NweHNyHаR - 1 cT. Cахаp - 1 cT. A. CoAb - 1 y. A. RNUа kypNHыe - 3 wT. ⠀ pEUENT: AeAаeM wNNHаTHыe, BNwHeBыe N oбыyHыe бANHyNkN oTAeAbHo. 1. 3аMopoxeHHыN wNNHаT (BNwHIO) 3аANTb BoAoN N oTNpаBNTb B MNkpoBoAHoByIO Neyb AAR pа3MopаxNBаHNR. 2. B3бNTb pа3MopoxeHHыN wNNHаT BMecTe c BoAoN. (AAR BNwHeBых бANHyNkoB NpoбNTb BNwHIO бAeHAepoM) 3. AoбаBNTb B Mаccy RNUа. 4. BANTb MoAoko. 5. BcыNаTb cахаp, coAb N BANTb NoAcoAHeyHoe MаcAo. 6. AoбаBNTb Myky 7. CoeANHNTb Bce B oAHopoAHyIO Mаccy. BыNekаNTe бANHы Hа бANHHoN ckoBopoAe. ⠀

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If you use this pin where extraordinary size is required, the width and height of the pin will also be very important to you. Therefore, we wanted to give you information about this. The width of this pin is 1080.
The height of the pin is determined as 1350. You can use the pin quite comfortably in places where this ratio is appropriate.
If you need different sizes, you can choose to resize the pin.
You can also see different pins in my profile about 3bopxnbiowenpekpchoe, EcTb yTo-To 3аBopаxNBаIOwe-NpekpаcHoe B eTNх pа3HoUBeTHых, and spare.