A follower released a paper flower making kit this week that look

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A follower released a paper flower making kit this week that look
A follower released a paper flower making kit this week that looks very similar to mine (swipe to see side by side pics). I genuinely love sharing my craft and want to continue to do so generously but I've been pretty cross the last fews days and its been costly in time and energy to process. You don't have to dig far into anger to find fear at the root of it. In this case, fear that I'll lose sales for people confusing our brands. Fear this will happen again to my new collection (out soon!) which I've spent months planning and developing. Fear that the person behind this, who is also a UK Paper Florist, has 5x the instagram followers I do and I'll have to deal with people thinking I've copied her........ All my fears invited to a tea party to run riot and potentially undermine everything I've been working to build However there are few situations where fear is productive and this definitely isn't one of them. So I weighed up my options, swiping left on the ones that future Bee would probs not be so proud of and I contacted the person directly. If there was any chance that their product design was the unintentional result of a lack of market research, I hoped that making them aware of the similarities would give them the chance to proceed with integrity No response so far but that's not to say they won't turn it around. Whatever the outcome I'm parking this here. Now all that's left to do is OprahBey the heck out  of my business (yes I made that a verb! ) Oprah is forever chatting about thanking the challenges that come our way because they're happening for us and not to us. I may not be reaching for my gratitude journal just yet but I can totally get on board with converting this situation into rocket fuel and using it to level up my focus, my brand and my hustle All the while listening to Formation by Beyonce on repeat cos "Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper' is working on so many levels for me right now

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